Neighborhood Services

Beacon of Hope established 25 Satellite Beacons across the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We have also consulted with organizations in Minot, North Dakota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Texas; LaPlace, Louisiana and Staten Island, NY after their respective disasters, as well as numerous governmental representatives from around the world. Believing that citizen engagement at the neighborhood level is integral to any disaster response, we are proud to bring our resident-led model for recovery to the global scene.

Our Model

Beacon of Hope Resource Center provides a MODEL for recovery in neighborhoods affected by disaster. Our staff trains resident volunteers in the areas of advocacy, community relations, communication and rebuild assistance. This MODEL empowers residents to facilitate their own recovery and revitalize their neighborhoods through:

Mapping: collecting, mapping and analyzing neighborhood data.
Outreach: ascertaining the needs of community members.
Development: creating community and economic impact programs.
Engagement: ensuring residents are part of the solution.
Leadership: empowering residents to become community leaders.
How We Work
Beacon of Hope’s neighborhood services are made up of partnerships with neighborhood and civic associations in communities in need of support. When a neighborhood approaches us with an interest in increasing its capacity, we develop a revitalization strategy that fits the needs of the individual community. Our work with many diverse neighborhoods in New Orleans has helped us to develop a model for best practices in neighborhood revitalization and community engagement.
Our Impact
Neighborhoods who have implemented our MODEL now have the structure and skills necessary to revitalize their own communities and to remain resilient in the face of unforseen events. Engaged residents have become community leaders, are now influential voices with local and state agencies, and have developed a sense of pride and ownership in their communities.

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