Adaptable Programs

Volunteer Group Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope established 25 Satellite Beacons across the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We have also consulted with organizations in Minot, North Dakota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Texas; LaPlace, Louisiana and Staten Island, NY after their respective disasters, as well as numerous governmental representatives from around the world. Believing that citizen engagement at the neighborhood level is integral to any disaster response, we are proud to bring our resident-led model for recovery to the global scene.

These services and resources were used in our efforts for recovery from Hurricane Katrina. They have been replicated in other areas after a disaster and are adaptable for multiple situations.

Beacon of Hope continues to see visible improvements and positive, documented outcomes in the neighborhoods we serve. We provide assistance for a variety of needs.

Need to find a property owner? Want to acquire a blighted property? What about info on a lot in your neighborhood? Here are some step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process.

We keep you up to date with numerous property concerns around New Orleans. Look here to find valuable mapping information for residential properties in the area.

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